Search for a Home in Sonoma County Near the Redwoods..jpgThe Armstrong Redwood State Natural Reserve in Sonoma County is covered in soaring, lush redwood trees. It is impossible to not feel the wonder when you encounter this beautiful park. These incredible Californian redwoods are not only the tallest living things on earth, but are also among the oldest. With a lifetime of approximately 500 to 1,000 years, these beautiful redwoods are here to stay, and they soar at a height of approximately 310-370 feet.

The Oldest Tree in the park is called The Colonel Armstrong Tree, and is said to be over one 1,400 years old. The California redwoods, also known as Sequoia sempervirens are preserved in the Armstrong State Natural Reserve. With the high canopy of green, the natural beauty of the forest, and the quiet and scenic area, the nature park provides a refuge from the busy and hustling world of everyday life.

Relax in Nature with a Home in Sonoma County

If you’re looking for a home in Sonoma County and need a break from the loud world around you, visit the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, and get a bigger grasp on a larger perspective. The Nature park offers family friendly trails, for minimal strolling, as well as longer trails for those looking to hike. The park is also home to a quaint gift shop and a small, yet informative nature museum that is certainly worth a visit.

The Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve provides convenient picnic tables and sites for groups, where you can take in the beauty around you while enjoying lunch with loved ones. The freshness of the air will allow you to reset and experience the majestic giants that are the California Redwoods. Escape the crowds. Escape the cars. Escape the noise and enjoy a peaceful day among the fresh and calming wonders that California’s Sonoma County have to offer.